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Over 25 years experience providing high quality celebrations

Dr Jonathan Toussaint is registered by the Australian Government as a Marriage Celebrant (Licence no.A1306) and has over 25 years experience providing high quality celebrations that mark significant events in people’s lives.

He is also a qualified and accredited relationship counsellor, which gives him the edge in being able to understand, capture and guide couples’ requirements and reflect these in the ceremonies he conducts.

Dr Jonathan Toussaint is a much sought after celebrant who brings style and professionalism to his personalised and individually crafted ceremonies.

Not many marriage celebrants can claim to have relationship counselling experience either which ultimately sets John above the rest as he can relate, capture and guide a couple’s ideas and requirements and present them in the ceremony in the best possible way.


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As an experienced marriage celebrant, dr jonathan toussaint will design a ceremony especially for you, and create a romantic and meaningful celebration that captures your unique essence as a couple.
Dr jonathan toussaint will meet with you to talk over what you want from the day, and will help you create your ideal wedding ceremony.
You will receive a specially selected portfolio of wedding vows and styles, to help you to decide on the perfect structure and content of your ceremony.
John also takes the time to personalise each ceremony so that the style and words are special and reflect you as a couple.

Commitment Ceremonies

commitment - Dr Jonathan Toussaint

Celebrate with family and friends, and feel surrounded with love as you promise to share a committed future together with your special partner. Commitment ceremonies are a popular alternative to gay marriage or a civil union. While not legally binding, a Commitment Ceremony can be almost identical to a traditional wedding ceremony in every other way. There are no rules for commitment ceremonies – yours can be designed to suit you exactly.

Renewal of Vows

Celebrant - dr jonathan toussaint

Celebrate your marriage and confirm to your partner just how much you love them. Couples often renew their marriage vows on an important wedding anniversary.
As an experienced relationship counsellor and committed to marriage enrichment, Jonathan can help you to create the perfect Renewal ceremony. You might like to reflect on the highlights of your marriage, tell your partner how much you love them and make renewed promises for the future.
Jonathan can also suggest ways of incorporating elements of your original ceremony and/or wedding. Renewal of Vows can be a small private affair or involve your wider family and friends.

Baby Naming Days

Celebrant - dr jonathan toussaint

Naming Days are a modern-day alternative to a christening or baptism. Ceremonies tend to be non-religious, but they can be tailored to accommodate different cultural traditions, faiths and beliefs. Ceremonies are often held during a child’s first year of life or on their first birthday.
Surround your child with warmth and love and let them know how important they are. Family and friends are reminded of the joys and responsibilities of raising a child. Mentors or godparents can be chosen and may offer promises or blessings for your child.
Dr jonathan toussaint has wide experience in conducting Naming Days specifically with babies and children in mind. His aim is to create happy, relaxed and personal occasions for the whole family to enjoy.