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Promoting Prostate Cancer Awareness

By raising the awareness of prostate cancer and encouraging men to get tested, many lives can be saved. Dr Jonathan Toussaint has made it his mission to help promote prostate cancer awareness to the local community. Dr Toussaint has worked with Michael Hagan (Australian professional rugby league football coach and former player) and Marc Glanville (Australian former professional rugby league footballer) to attempt to inform men of all ages.

OPINION: Prostate cancer sufferers need support

John Toussaint recently contributed an opinion piece to the Newcastle Herald which covered the importance of early diagnosis of prostate cancer with a strong message to particularly the Hunter and New England regions which show a below average response rate compared to the rest of NSW. 

Grabbing life by the ‘bowls’ for International Prostate Cancer Awareness month

Again another article in the Newcastle Herald promoting International Prostate Cancer Awareness month, where local individuals are encouraged to participate in barefoot bowls at the Kahibah Sports Club for four Thursdays during the month of september in an attempt to further awareness. 

Teens prefer blogs and Google over talking with parents about sex

Featured on the daily Telegraph, John Toussaint offers his expertise on an issue which is becoming more and more popular amongst young teens – turning to the internet to look for sexual educational answers.

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Why dads need to be body positive role models for their daughters

This article explores a study by Dr John Toussaint in regards to father and daughter relationships and it’s impact on body image issues and eating disorders. Dr Toussaint found that “Fathers with negative attributes are significantly associated with eating disorders and depressive symptoms.